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Thread: '96 SPX Issues

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    '96 SPX Issues

    Well the season is over and it's time to winterize. Didn't ride this ski much at all this season but did notice that it would bog at times like it was starving for fuel then recover, etc., the last time it was out I think it's time for replacing fuel lines and rebuild the carbs. That will need to wait a while unfortunately.

    Went to flush the ski yesterday and it starts up screaming on startup . Couldn't settle it down and when I hit the stop switch and pulled the lanyard it kept running at high idle! Turned the fuel switch to off and it shut down pretty quick. Don't know what happened there or why it was able to shut off just started trying stuff as quick as I could out of pannick with what had happened on the startup . I also noticed that when I connected the lanyard it did not beep like it usually does. I have a DESS on this ski that I put in when the original lanyard switch broke. I'm the original owner and this is the right lanyard for the switch. Could this be related to the situation I had with the bogging?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    No worrys mike the non beeping is not related to the high speed runaway you just had.What happened is your carbs were starving and you got into a runaway position where the engine screams and runs with key off.It actually starts running like a diesel engine as it fires from the tip of spark plug being hot from lean condition.THis will not happen when your carbs are cleaned and fuel lines changed.If that ever happens again pull the choke fully.(scared the heck out of you didnt it???) Dont worry about the non beep that happens to about 25% of seadoos and it poses no problem.Be sure and remove your fuel petcock when changing fuel lines as it will almost certainly be plugged completely(do not skip this step).Or you will be rebuilding carbs again in less than 30 minutes of running time!!!Your ski uses 1/4" fuel line and replace all of them even the return and the short ones from tank to petcock(on/off/reserve switch).Hope this helps you>Marvin

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    Thanks Marvin. Yes it was very exciting and got my heart going pretty good

    I just hope nothing else got damaged as a result. Seems from your post like the bogging and this incident could all relate to the fuel lines then?


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    i laugh now when i think about it but when i was younger i had a 750 ssxi that i bought non running and got it running. its how i learned about skis. after rebuilding the motor a year later, i came back from my last break in ride, went to flush it, started it and it ran away like that but smoke started coming out of the stator harness. i freaked out thinking it was going to go up on flames. i pulled the lanyard and it kept going reving higher and higher higher (i would put money it hit 9-10k rpm. i finally grabed the battery cable and literally ripped it off the battery. it quit when i did that. scared the shit out of me. i was able to replace the stator and coil and it was fine though. i made my own harness for the stator too since it was all burnt up.

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