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    Yet another question on Winterizing

    Anyone ever use a drill pump to push / pressurize the antifreeze into the engine? Looking for a cheap way to do it. A pool cover pump is selling for $60.00. A drill pump is $8.00.

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    i used a 6 gallon tank put a hose end on it and pressurized it , you could if you dont have a air tank then blow into it to help keep up the press,if you keep it high youll have press anyway from gravity you just want to max it.

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    Just do what I do...I use a cheap bilge pump with a 3-4 ft. piece of clear hose and 3/4" threaded adapter that fits into the clear hose and threads into the flush adapter. I also extend the wires on the bilge pump so they reach the boats battery. I sumerge the bilge pump into a mixture of half prestone antifreeze half water. Start the boat then touch the wires to positive and negative sides of the batter. When you see anti freeze mix run out of the rear of the boat from the jet pump your done. Disconnect wires from batter turn off boat.

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