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    Ride plate from Perf PWC

    wuts up every1! Im gettin my ride plate back tomorrow from Jim...he told me to try the plate WITH the washers first and if it porposes too bad take them back out. With them in its supposed to be a little faster...I have stock stepped spons, I usually dont have much flat water to ride in let alone RACE any1 on. Wut do u all think with the stepped spons?

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    Wut do u all think with the stepped spons?
    They will stop the porposing.

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    angle them and get you a 14/20 dynafly prop

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    If that is what Jim said then I would follow his directions, but I would have thought you try the plate without washers first. Grind the pump until the plate fits flush (See Jim's thread on plate clearance). My experience with an 02 GPR is you get the fastest speed with no washers then you add washers to reduce porpoising, but the washers will reduce top speed.
    I put two washers on all four bolt holes with my Pro-Tec plate and it felt like the ski was stuck to the lake like glue, but I lost top end speed.
    You just have to shim it to your personal liking.

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    ya thats wut he told me, try the washers first! thanks for the input guys. I guess i'll just test and tune the new and improved "sexy" plate. I heard having stepped sponsons stops any porpsoing on the IR ride plates so i'll try with the washers riding

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    hello rxpstalker, the riva plate does not have the thick mounting bosses like the r&d. The mounting surface on the riva plate is flat and is only about 1/8 of an inch thick from the mounting surface to inside were the bolt goes thru so you can only angle cut so much. The washers i gave you to put in the front of the plate is to give you more angle. In return giving you more speed. And i told you if it porpoise's with washers try without. Thats why i explained it to you on the phone. Pm alex gpr he will tell you how i set up his riva plate the same way and how fast it is. thank you, Jim

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    I got ya, and I trust ur work or I would have sent it to IR! Im just wondering if any1 else had ur mod already and has already tried the washers on and off to save me a little time testing. I just know it depends on water conditions and what sponsons u have. Would u say the stepped stock sponsons will help with the porposing on your plate? And also, I dont get to ride in smooth water much, so should i look for the porposing on the flat water when i do find some or on the rough water too? Thanks for the speedy work and I'm sure I'll be please with ur expertise!

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