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    When to rebuild Impeller Assembly?

    I am new to PWC's, come from a dirt bike background. Recently got a 99 XL760. Don't know background or hours on it but everything runs and operates just fine.

    So I looked in the diagrams and see all these bearings in the pump/impeller assembly. Is it a regular maintenence item just like top end rebuilds? How can I know if my ski needs this done? I would plan to do the work myself.

    thnaks for all replies!

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    I'll assume this is a 144 pump..this pump is a single stage pump,meaning it does not depend on setting gap of the impeller for thrust , like the early two stage units..the bearings on o/e built units are packed with a lite gease ... their pretty much good to go for an extended length of time if water has not gotten into the unit... look in the manuel section for maintainance schedule recomendations..( i do mine each fall, or sooner depending on the abuse i give it)

    Look up inside your intake..Are the blades streight and true?(small knicks are accepable ,but these will loose you speed)..
    is the wear ring where the blades ride smooth?(once again small knicks accepable).Are the hub blades, looking from the rear, visually all there?(these can only be checked fully when the unit is apart or with a carefully used bore scope)

    Does the shaft move up- down ,front- back? these are a sign of wear in the bearings..not nessisarily due for replacement just nearing that time..

    You can remove the cone in back and do a quick visual on the grease..if its white and milky around the nut(like whipped egg whites),water has got in an and needs to be removed along with investigating where it leaked..

    A note on refilling: some tuners mix a paste of grease and oil ..others use streight synthetic gear oil,still others swear on o/e type greases.. your choice as they all seem to do a good job for those fellows..

    ***Please do these checks with the unit 'safed'. Meaning disconect the battery when your hands up inside and have the spark plugs pulled ..( pulling them is a plus as it makes it easyer to spin the shaft)

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    It's a 155mm pump and uses a special shaft and 120$$ front bearing! so I would check the bearings and reseal if they are smooth

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    zmann has it right that has the bigger pump unit....sorry for the mis-i.d.... though the info I stated is still pretty valid...

    I'd inspect it for piece of mind!

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    your info is def valid!

    the 700 for some dumb ass reason runs a different shaft and sealed high$$ bearing the xl 1200 runs the std cheap bearing and spacer

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    Thank you for the excellent information guys!

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