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    best fogging oil??

    every year i have the same problem...
    my "fogging" oil comes out of the can more like a foam...
    and if i try to use it with the thin red straw tip, then it just squirts out oil.
    is there a fogging oil that comes out in a FOG? or a mist.
    trouble is when i am trying to FOG an air intake often i cant get all the ducting out of the way, so i know most of the fogging oil foam is just dribbling down the plastic intake pipe, and not getting into the throat of the intake or TB or coating internals evenly, if at all.
    i can tell when it gets in cuz then you get lots of smoke, but usually i cant get much smoke at all...
    if it were a MIST , then it would be drawn it nicely...
    only time i have any luck is with old skool 2 strokes with removable F/A's then i can fog straight down the throat of the carb.
    the fog port on a XPDI, seems like the littel tubes dont pass enough oil, or it all dribbles down inside the airbox, and on teh 4tecs unless its got teh lubrication port, or you spray directly into the SC and rev it up, i cant seem to get any oil into the intakes.
    anyone ever use a fogging oil that sprays out in a nice mist, that would be sucked in with the air to coat everything inside the intake tract??
    just venting, cuz every year i go thru the same BS, with dribbling fogging oil cans that foam and leave an oily puddle in the bottom of the intake!

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    Lex, whatever you use, make sure you don't drop the straw down a plug hole. I almost did, but caught it in the funnel... Ron

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