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    Huge PWC junkyard specializes in Polaris and older Seadoo

    I thought id pass the lead on to the polaris peeps. This guy is in Michigan. Hes got a HUGE pwc boneyard. He specializes in older seadoo and polaris. I bought a couple of parts off him this week for my 96Xp. He was extremely nice and helpful over the phone and he shipped quickly. Everything was exactly as he described.
    I will vouche for him 100%

    Here is his info:

    Jerry Mulder
    4261 Ferry St
    Grandville MI

    Bus. 616 534 1244
    Cell 616 560 1240

    I dunno if Beerdart wants to attach a sticky. Its a fantastic resource.

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    Cool biz. I live 2 hours or so from there. i'll write that down, thanks, I wonder if he has any 785 pros? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    heck . i'd buy just a hull from one and stuff a 350 cid motor in it!

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    Im in CT. He shipped stuff to me. I paid on friday at about 5pm. Monday at 3pm it was here.

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    No need to sticky it, I just added it to the contact page. If anybody has a bad or poor experience please pass it on as well. It's important we know how this vendor treats us Polaris junkies.
    I'm curious as to just how much inventory he has??

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    Quote Originally Posted by twelvesorbetter View Post
    ...specializes in older seadoo and Polaris...

    Jerry Mulder
    4261 Ferry St
    Grandville MI

    Bus. 616 534 1244
    Cell 616 560 1240...
    Any web site for this place?

    What does "older Polaris" mean?
    Would he have 2000 and newer models?

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    Thanks for the info I just looked and he is 3hrs from me sweet a nice resource to have thanks.. I am wanting to pick up a extra 750 and rebuild it as I have time so if anything happens to mine I canswap it out and be good to go.. Cya Slick

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    He does not have a website. Its a junkyard- you call with your wants, he looks to see if he has it and then hell ship it to you. He specializes in 90s model skis but he has a little bid of everything. His inventory appears extensive. he sent me a business card with my order and there was a picture of his yard on it. There are tons and tons of skis in the pic. It looks like he is huge.
    Thats really about all I can say about the guy. My experience with him was very positive. I thought it was a great resource so I thought I would pass it along to polaris peeps since some of your parts may be getting harder to find.

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    not too far, ill ck it oit next time in the area. pretty sure grandville near grand rapids

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    Good luck. Hes a really really nice guy and helpful on top of it all.

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    I live 2 minutes from this guy, I have tried several times to get parts and he wants alot of money for old parts.(60 bucks for an old triple outlet pump) I can order new for 26 and have it in 3 days(just 1 example),but I guess if you can't find what you want on ebay it is another option........

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