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    WTB 951 carb engine or case.

    looking for silver 951 engine in great running condition and a reasonable price. or crankcase, and a crank.

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    I have a case in good condition.
    Is a silver shortblock that someone put in.
    Blew the connecting rod bearing so no idea if crank is salvagable.
    Make me an offer on one or both.
    I'm in Canada so shipping will be a bit more.
    I'd look at an offer of $100 for the case and counterweight and $20 for the crank plus freight.
    If you're interested, send me an e-mail to [email protected].
    I can figure out the weights and what actual shipping would be.
    I take Paypal

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    I have an awesome running 951 out of an XP, with rebuilt carbs in the last 30 days, and a rebuilt starter fresh.
    I'll take $1200 with electrics.

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