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    New guy with a question

    Hey all. great site just found it.
    I have a 2001 gp 1200 R for a while now and have always had it winterized by my local guy. This year he really got me P.O'd and I refuse to use him for anything anymore.
    I'm very familiar with the process of winterizing as I do my boat every single winter myself. I read all the posts and they basically told me that what I do on the boat is almost the same for the ski.
    So what I need to know is this: Where do I fog this particular model? I don't see where (if) there is a flame arrestor to remove and fog down the throat of the throttle body as I would on the boat? Or is there somewhere else to fog? I read about pouring the oil down the cylinders which I can also do.
    If I fill my 5 gal pail with antifrees and run a hose to the washout fitting on the ski will it pull the antifreeze in when I run it? or does it have to be "forced in" as described in some posts. I figured I would put the pail above the ski and gravity will feed it into the fitting but I didn't know if the motor would acutally pull the water through that fitting of if it has to be under pressure.
    Where are the lube points? I'm hearing there are probably 2 somewhere.
    I'm by no means trying to get free information but I think I should do it myself. I actually prefer to do the work like this myself so I know its done the right way. I just wanted to get the specifics for this model so I know what I'm looking for.
    Its basically the same as the boat but I just dont know exactly where the differences are.
    I see these all the time so I assume someone out there has done it on their own and can give me specific directions.
    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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