I have some parts off my 99 spx that have been sitting in the garage since I bought the ski this year. The machine has UMI and these are the stock parts. All prices are without shipping.

- 277000824, Handle Bars $10
- 277000106, Rear Support $15
- 277000161, 277000162, Thurst Support and Cable Support $10
- 277000498, Left housing assembly. Very good shape. If not new. Buttons still look new. No Electrical. $15
- 295500691, Pair of grips. One small scar on outside of one. Excelent shape. Includes bolts. $10
- 271000466, Intake grate with bolts. Good shape. $10

I also have the complete steering system, not sure what parts they are. And one other steering component that is shaped like a like a triangle, could not find part number. I am new to greenhulk. Thanks in advance.