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    More info

    I purchased 3 cylinders w/pistons and a head from lvnspeed. I received the cylinders/pistons but no head. I Pm'd him and he said he forgot to ship the head. So he said he would ship the head out. A coulple days later when I went to install pistons and cylinders, I noticed that the cylinder's pv shaft holes had been drilled and tapped for a pipe plug, I assume this is done when using the pneumatic pv's. This drilling and tapping made the pv shaft holes to big for the stock pv shafts so I PM'd him again and told him that I couldnt use the cylinders as the stock pv's would not work. At this time I asked him if he had shipped the head and he responded that he had already shipped it out(10-22-0. He did state that he would take the cylinders back and to ship them back to him. Since then I contacted a machine shop about possilbly installing brass bushings in pv shaft holes so that I could use the cylinders. I got them to mfr and install the bushings($100). Not too bad, but I never received the head. PM'd him twice and no response.

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