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    Winterizing 2006 RXP Help.

    What do I need to do to Winterize a sea doo rxp 2006. The dealership wanted $280 to do it. That is way to high. I live in the middle Georgia area. Im sure this has been asked before but Im new at this and all the help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe if there is some kind of list to do it or somthing. Im not real good w/ maintaince stuff but my friends can help me. Thanks for your time .


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    Where do you live? Need to know how bad it gets there.

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    280 is outrageous. It will take you about 20min.
    The most impt thing is to make sure that you remove the water from the open-loop cooling. You can cut a piece of hose, thread it to the back (where you normally attach the hose when you flush) and use a small funnel to pour anti-freeze through the system. start it and run it until you see pink come out the back then stop pouring. Squeeze the throttle and blast out whatever is left.
    Put fuel stabilizer in the gas before you do this and let it run for about five minutes.

    The dealership says you are supposed to spray fogging oil inside the cylinders and the intake but I usually dont bother on my 4tec. I think this is much more important on a 2-stroke engine. But If you want to give a little shot of fogging oil lightly in each cyl it wont hurt.

    The dealership will spend about 20 min working on your ski and it sounds like they are charging you for three hours labor.

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