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    Questions on a 98 GSXL

    I see one on craigslist in my area for 300 bucks obo. Beyond the 951 motor vs the 781 what other differences are there between a 96xp and 98gsx. Is it a reliable rig? He states that the ski will run but rev's uncontrollably. I am figuring it may just be a vacuum leak or tempo lines/dirty filters.

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    I checked that listing.
    It is actually a 1997.5 model.
    It has the white 951 which is suppose to be VERY problematic.
    Not too sure of all the details or if there is a way to cure all the bugs with the white 951.
    Looks like a heck of a deal though.

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    Yeah it ended up having 256 hours on it and it needed a crankshaft seal. I passed.

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