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    10% Ethanol in our gas?

    All the gas stations in my city are now 10% ethanol. Will it hurt to run this (melt plastic etc...) in my 07 gpr and 05 Sea Doo 2 stk? How about storage with it, I understand it attracts water.

    I searched and found threads on E85 but no mention on the effect 10% ethonal will have.


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    All the gas by me is at least 10% ethanol and should have no bad effect on you ski. You just need to add stabil if you are going to store your ski for longer than 30 days, especially to keep those carbs clean. Gas seems to go bad fast now. It has been like that for many years and that is the only gas my car and ski's run. That is the only gas you will find these days. E85 is 85% ethanol, if I am not mistaken.

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    Been running this for awhile in Cali no negative affects at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davids View Post
    ...found threads on E85 but no mention on the effect 10% ethanol will have...
    There are several threads covering Ethanol in gasoline, including this one.

    For storage, it comes down to always stabilizing the gasoline with Ethanol compatible stabilizer, and minimizing the amount of moisture that gets into the gas tank.

    As little as 0.5% water accumulation in the fuel can cause phase separation, which degrades the entire tankful. Just a few teaspoons of water per gallon is enough to cause trouble.

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    We still have certain stations that carry non-ethanol in the higher octanes, 93 and up, in our area, we still use that in our GoFast boats (power boats) with some Boost added of course. Look around and maybe their are some in your area. their is a mandate by the government that requires ethanol to be part of all fuels in the near future. like K447 indicated, make sure you use an ethanol compatable stabilizer. if you use Stabil brand stabilizer make sure you use the new blue colored stuff and not the red. Most of the manufacturers stabils are good to, including Yamaha's. One key thing to remember about ethanol is that it acts like a fuel system cleaner and I have seen many contaminated fuel systems because a tarnished fuel tank on an older boat/ski will get "cleaned" out and end up in the carbs causing lean conditions and rough running conditions as well as hard starting and rough idle (pilot jets have very small easy passages to plug up). metal tanks are usually a bigger issue than plastic but its something to watch for if you ski is ten years old or better.

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    We have had 10% ethanol for a couple of years and have not had any problems. The guy I bought my XLT from told me that his mechanic said to fill the tanks after you ride so they don't build up moisture when they sit. Since my carb rebuild I have followed that didn't do it before and all has been good. Mine only sit for 5-6 days at a time anyway.

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    as was said above use a stabilizer after 30 days... keep an eye out for water in your fuel filter as this traps it on the bottom...

    do not spill on older will deteriorate the hull made of fiberglass.....(smc is said to be ok)

    as a warning if you have fiberglass tanks in your older boats or farm implements.. it will delaminate them...(our roto formed tanks are ok) or a leaky steel tank laying on a fiberglass deck...floor/keel..same deal...

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    in cali we only have 7% e

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    Thanks for the input everyone.

    It says reg. gas only on the hull but on a stock boat are there any advantages/disadvantages of running 93? d.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davids View Post
    Thanks for the input everyone.

    It says reg. gas only on the hull but on a stock boat are there any advantages/disadvantages of running 93? d.
    Run 87 with stock compression, you will get more power and save some cash.

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