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Thread: Top Speed TXI

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    Top Speed TXI

    Any one know the average top speed of a Virage TXI Injected? My speedo "Dream o Meter" acts funny and never really get an Idea of how fast it really runs...

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    Both of my 2002 Virage TXi run just over 60mph (GPS measured) on fairly smooth water, turning about 6800-6900RPM. Say 63mph on a good day.

    Rider weight under 200lbs, no superman, fuel tank 1/2 full or more.
    Stock jet pump intake grate on one, R&D 650 intake grate on the other. No other mods.

    If your intake grate is stock, then the speedo should be fairly accurate, maybe a few mph too optimistic at the top end. Check the pitot fin just inside the jet pump intake grate, and also make sure the small hose running from under the drive shaft up to the MFI speedo is in good shape - No kinks, cracks, and snug fitting on both ends.

    You may need to unplug the tube at the MFI, and squirt some water through the hose to ensure there is no blockage.

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    i'd say 60 tops.even though the txi's turn 200 more rpm than a tx the txi uses a skat prop where the tx uses a nu-jet which will produce more top speed.a stock slx 1200 runs 63. its 75 lbs lighter and runs the 7.0 prop and has trim

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