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    96 challenger wont run under thottle

    I bought a 96 challenger the boat will start quick and idle but will not run under any throttle i has black fuel line and i have cleaned the selector out which was clean i pulled the front carb apart and nothing in the the screen filter. I also took the raves out and cleaned them today i kinda figure the carbs need rebuilt. am i on the right track and also i cant get the carbs off due to bolts being corroded any ideas on that. thanks.....

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    make sure the diaphrams arent sticking and loading up the carbs. check the needles and seats for wear. replace both item when you rebuild the carbs.

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    Try hitting the carb bolts with PB Blaster and let sit overnight.

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    carb bolts

    apprciate the replies i got one bolt out of one carb and another loose but wont come all the way out and of course it is raining today so thats where i am at i dont think the carbs are loading up as it will start fine but can give it any throttle it ran really good for about 20 minutes on the lake one day. i just wished there were some super penetrant to get these bolts unstuck without stripping the head. slow process any other ideas on getting the bolts out would be of great help ugh!!!!!

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    i have never tried it, but i have heard that if you put super glue or locktite in the head of the bolt and then put the allen key in the head and let it set overnight, you will be able to get it out without stripping it. but i dont know for sure.

    you could also try heating it up

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    787 carbs

    well thanks i got something today called a bulldog remover it is really ment for rounded off hex head bolts it is like an external easy out well i was able to get the carbs unmounted but they are so corroded it isn't even funny. i pulled the end caps off to find that 2 of the little screws were broken off in the housing so i guess from bad to worse i think it is time to find some used carbs for sale as these are pshew bad bad bad.. guess that is why they tell you to take them apart every so often and re antiseize the bolts and clean everything up. If anyone has any 787 carbs for sale please reply. thanks

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    Well, glad you got 'em off of there. Shoulda caught me two weeks ago, I had two sets of carbs for sale.

    If you need anything else for 800's lemme know I've got stuff laying around.

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    well thanks for the vote of confidence i will keep an eye out for carbs also what is the technique for adjusting raves i have read many people on here talk about cleaning them i was wondering if you tighten the rave all the way against the black plastic piece and then adjust external red plastic piece or what is the process there how much is too much and how much is not enough?????????????????????? thanks again

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