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    code 6AE

    my friend own ultra LX he used his it ones and after a year he changed the oil and spark plugs. And he started the engine its was working fine after few hours he tried to ride it again but the jet ski didt work. when i came to check on the jet ski i found out the the boat is showing CODE 6AE . Any body know what this code stand for ?

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    The code 6AE does not exist in the list. The closest thing I can come up with is either bOSt (inlet air pressure sensor) or CAA9 (cam position sensor). KDS will tell you for sure.

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    I'm thinking bAE as in battery. Tried to jump it or a different battery?

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    get a volt meter and check the charge of the battery... the "b" on it looks like a 6. Might just be the battery is dead... try a new battery and see if that helps

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