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    Rxp NA 155Hp Upgrates

    Hi there i am from Greece,Europe and i own an SEADOO RXP 155HP NA.I
    Installed an intake grate from R&D and an impeller from solas 11/19.Before that my top speed where about 59mph in the sea at 7400-7500 Rpm.Now i run at the same speed but 300-400Rpm less.Does anybody knows what seems to be the problem?(oil level is ok,andmy pump is clean)ANd what kind of other modifications i could do in order to goes faster?

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    seems like you have too much prop for the power your engine is making
    a few things you could do tou get more RPMs:

    -remove OEM air ducts
    -air intake
    -riva/rotax thermostat
    -thru hull exhaust/shorty waterbox
    -remove flame arrestor in intake manifold (no fun)
    - flare Jpipe

    here are some things for more speed:
    -swap the R&d grate out for a Riva grate or keep it and make it flush to rideplate, fill in bolt holes and spaces with right stuff gasket maker and smooth out
    - fill ride plate holes, add skegs/ or get a modded plate
    - pump wedge, trim reverse bucket
    - remove opas fins replace with block offs

    these are just some ideas for your NA ski.........if you wanted to go alot faster trade it in for a supercharged ski

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