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    96' spx (polaris guy in need of help! PLEASE)

    Well i am the polaris guy with a seadoo and I have no clue about this machine. The DESS lanyard has given me troubles from the day I bought this.
    1. At first the key would only beep once, saying that isnt the correct key as I'm told
    2. I read a post on here to simply wash the key with soapy water, sure enough I try that and it beeps twice and fires right up
    3. Now the key will only beep twice after SEVERAL attempts that only give one beep.

    What in the world is wrong with my DESS lanyard or DESS post?
    Please help because I simply dont understand this!!!!
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    well, i have heard of the beeper going bad. my 96 xp doesnt always beep but will start. try to start it when it doesnt beep and see what happens.

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    Lanyards can go bad. And the posts too, for that matter. I'd be inclined to start with replacing the lanyard. It must be programmed at a dealer, with the ski.

    Good luck!

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