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    ultra 150 hull filling up with water why

    why wood my 2000 model be filling up with water its not coming in from any of the water feed or returns can it be comming in from the pump

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    is the cap on the tube you use to connect the hose for flushing? is it tight? is the seal on it gone?

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    yea that dosnt leak i was riding it with seat off but cant see were its coming from ive check all the hoses an thier fine thier is alot of water comming in the bilge pump is always on its only started to do this two rides ago

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    the only reason why i suggested it is that once my gf didnt put the cap on tight on her ultra and it did exactly that.. filled up quick too. I was stumped until i rode it around with the seat off and saw it squirting out.

    sorry I cant be more help.

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    Usuall cause is the driveshaft bearing carrier or the hose behinde it.

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    I had a lot of water coming in from by drain plugs on my Ultra. Over the years, the rubber gaskets got squishy. I replaced them with garden hose washers and they seal great.

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    if it is the driveshaft bearings is this a motor out job

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    If its the driveshaft bearing seal, then yes you might not have to remove the motor completely, but you are going to have to remove the carbs/exhaust, and if you are that far, its only a few more steps to remove the entire motor, and that would make it easier to replace the bearing.

    Remove the battery and 2 rear electrical boxes, jack the tongue of the trailer up as high as you can get it and fill the rear of the hull with water, then you should beable to see where it is coming from.

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