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    WTB 1200 nonpv case or whole motor desperate!

    i am in need of a 1200 non pv case. for a rebuild or if someone has just the bottom end that would work. or if someone has a reasonable motor. thanks

    question. i have a 98 exciter 270 with twin 1200's but my case says 66v but i thought it didnt have powervales but the pistons say 65u and this is the original motor that came with the boat.

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    none of these offers panned out? ps if u had anything other than a 65 u 1200 you would have seperate cylinders

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    thats what i thought but it has 65u cyclinders and they are not seperate. no nothing panned out yet if you see any other case on ebay let me know i keep checking but havent found anything yet.

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    where is the best site to buy the hot rod crank from and also a site for all the gaskets and a top end kit as well.

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    I may have a good oem crank to sell. I'll know in a few days.

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    What are you up to???

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    1200 non pv

    i have have a complete motor. Bottom end freshly put together with 1211 bond and new seals. Top end fresh bore with pro-x piston and oem gaskets sitting on the bench. Better than sbt. Also no core charge. If your serious lets talk. Also, where are you located

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    I have a set of 1100 cases. You need to add some pulse fittings. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it will work. Not sure though.

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