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    Two questions about SL750

    Ok so I am new to the Polaris ski and had a couple qs. I rebuilt the top end on my 750 but when I start it the third cylinder is getting hot and melted the spark plug. The other two cylinders are fine and the engine is run on premix.

    Also my stop/lanyard switch doesn't work but I believe that its just something in the electrical box. So does anyone know where I can get a diagram for it?

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    Howdy! Why the rebuild in the first place?
    I would pull that head and look at that piston! plugs are metal and pistons are aluminum .. so to melt a plug and not mess up a piston is rare!
    Did u do the carbs while you were at it? sounds like you ran lean!
    check the tech section for the pdf manual .. it has diagrams in it Z

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    I was doing some searching and found a thread about a mod that can be down to the stock fuel system.
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    My ski has this mod done to it. I didn't know that was different until I found this page.

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    That mod is when u upgrade to a 3 port fuel pump ' it feeds each carb separately instead of the in line last carb gets less stock approach

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    I got this ski from my friend who said the O/I went out and blew the #1 cylinder. So I rebuilt the top end and put an I/O block off plate and premixed the gas. I cleaned out the fuel pump and it seems to be working fine for the single outlet. I haven't pulled the carbs to clean them so I hope thats my problem.

    Polaris makes these skis almost impossible to work on them. Pulling the carbs looks like a nightmare to me! I don't think I ruined the third piston because I caught it in time. After the plug melted I put a little oil in the third cylinder for lube and put a new plug in and it ran great until the oil burnt away.

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    Okay so someone took the line out from the pump and tee'd it into three seperate lines going into the fuel rail for the carbs. This is prolly worse than leaving it stock!

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    That is goofey! but you should have pulled the carbs apart for cleaning and inspection! the carbs are no worse than any other PWC I have worked on ( triple) cut some foam from the inner hull and grab a stubby 12mm wrench .. put a towel in the hull to catch what u might drop

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    I am going to pull them tonight and prolly see if I cant get it back together too! I thought I could get away with not cleaning them because it only sat for a month or so. I am hoping that I find gunk in that third carb!

    So my best bet is to buy a new fuel pump with 3 outlets. Would my gas cap being broken have anything to do with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyleag89 View Post
    ...Would my gas cap being broken have anything to do with it?
    Broken, as in not sealing the gas tank closed?

    The Polaris fuel system can develop mild positive pressure in the fuel tank in normal operation, so an open tank could affect fuel delivery.

    The bigger worry would be getting water inside the fuel tank, which is definitely not a good thing.

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    pull the head on the piston you think melted the spark plug. Carefully separate the gasket and set it aside. IF the previous owner had the gasket coated with anything (coppery color) or Caulk, clean it off. Take pictures of everything you find and let us see . I would love to see a melted Spark Plug.

    new gaskets are cheap compared to a top end. And most of us, who do not own the shop, have reused head gaskets with a spray of Copper Gasket on it.

    As for the carbs, go to ACE and get the cheapest set of metric O/C head wrenches. Take the 12mm cut it in half and wrap tape around the cut end. Now you have 2 12mm wrenches that will do what you need

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