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    Max Boost with stock headbolts vs ARP's

    I just took my head out and it turns that the head gasket is blown near 2 coolant passages reason for the loss of coolant under boost.

    Here is the dilema:

    When I took the head out some of the Arp studs were wabbling and kind of loose in the block. When I installed them,I torque them to 5-6psi in the block so they were tight.
    The ski did ping one time when it went lean. Can that loose up the head and studs?

    Now, I am debating if I put the arp's again with the new gasket or the stock bolts.

    will the stock bolts hold 22-23psi of boost without lifting?

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    stock bolts work fine but only new ones. 22-23 is asking for trouble.

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