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    ultra 150 aftermarket carbs

    just wanted to know if i put on aftermarket carbs on my ultra 150 do i have to premix the fuel or will it run the same setup as std

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    That depends on how the carbs are set up. I run the buckshot 50's and they have the fittings for the injection and primer. I think novi's are set up for injection too. If you are looking at used ask the seller.

    I wouldnt run premix because of the balancer setup.

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    From Group k:

    About Oil Injection - The Ultra and STXR are equipped with a very unconventional oil injection system. The injector pump has 5 output fittings. Two "half feed" fittings deliver oil to the front and rear balancer bearing reservoirs, two other "half feed" fittings deliver oil to the injector fittings on the #1 and #3 carbs. A check valve in the two balancer reservoirs releases oil into the #1 an #3 crankcases. The half feed from each of those check valves, and the half feed delivering to the #1 and #3 carbs makes the full oil requirement for those cylinders. The fifth fitting from the oil injector pump delivers a full feed of oil to the center carb. Removing the oil injection system requires that the cases be split and the two check valves be replaced by plugs. Then the engine would need to be removed to periodically change the oil in the oil in the balancer reservoirs (a lot of work to say the least). Given this complexity, we opted to retain the oil injection system for all our single pipe kits.
    With the strong accent on emissions of pwcs, Kawasaki has set up this injection system to deliver the equivalent of about a 60:1 premix ratio at full throttle. This volume of oil may be acceptable for a recreational machine that doesn't rev very high and is not held at peak rpms for extended amounts of time. However for any true high performance platform, this is not enough oil... and the stock injector pump cannot be adjusted to deliver more oil. Given all this, we recommend to add a premix of 1 ounce per gallon to all Stage 2 and 1350cc kits (equating to roughly 40:1). For machines that will be used constantly at peak rpms, we recommend 2 ounces per gallon premix (equating to 32:1).

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    Im running premix on mine but it did come that way when I got it.

    But after reading thru and if you do tear downs anyway it's not that hard to convert.

    Plus on the changing of the oil in the balancers it would also determine on the amount you ride.

    I have about 25 hrs on mine since I changed the oil when I did the bottom paint and true. The rear was clean when I took it aprt and the front was alittle dirty but I figured it would be pretty bad and it wasnt. I changed both for the heak of it but will probably only check the rear once in a while and change the front about 1 or 2 times a year if nessasary and you can just get a sucker hose and put it down the oil cap suck it out and and replace. Dont need to oull the motor for that.

    And the rear doesnt get dirty really so will see how long till I change it. Probably about 75 to 100 hrs for the rear and 25 hrs to 50 for the front.

    Anyway just the perspective from somone running premix. Which I like the fact of running other carbs for tunning. Plus any other than stock carbs and your bottom and mid will be much better with better all around performance.

    Im actually selling some 44's with flame arrestors and adaptors for stxr...

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    wat sort of carbs have u got for sale

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