Is it even remotely possibe that this little outlaw series finale - could be bigger than the Norcal / Socal Shootout??? OH YOU BETCHA!!!

Final 2008 DJSA Points Race
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Vallejo
Saturday, Nov 15th, 2008

One last PWC battle of the year is coming to the waters of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo this Saturday, and as we close in on the last race of the season, it's exciting to watch not only the overall points battles taking place, but the close chases between individual racers pushing their way into the top 10 slots of both the Standup and Sitdown divisions as well...

In the Standup's chase, the current points leader, Elk Grove's Jeremy Dixon with 1555 points in the Super 800 class, has a semi comfortable 150 point lead over 2nd place “Camo Joe” Gardemeyer (Copperopolis) who holds 1405 points in the 650 class, but Saturdays upcoming race is worth double points and as we all know in racing - anything can happen!

Dixon will more than likely go into this race with the game plan of riding hard, but smart, while calculating precisely where he needs to finish to take the overall Standup title. Gardemeyer however, will be letting it RIP in the 650 class in pursuit of a 200 pt win to chip away at Dixon's lead as much as possible.

The current 3rd place points leader, Brentwood's Jerry Powers of the 650 class, is holding steady with 1210 points on the board, but a mere 45 points behind is the Wonder Kid from Salt Springs - 4th place Tony "Fast Forward" Nunes. Both these talented racers are going to be on a serious mission Saturday.

Holding down the #5 slot with 935 points is Modesto's Doug Wolff of the Old School X-2 class, but only 35 points behind him with 900 points, is another Modesto racer, 6th place Ryan Haag of the Super 800 class. What’s going to make Haag a little anxious? Only 70 points behind him is Sacramento's Pete Zernik of the FAST Stand Pro/Am class, currently holding the 7th slot of the series - but anyone who knows Zernik, knows he will be after a 200 point win in the FAST class to add some last minute points on the board.

Things get even more intense in the Sitdown division...
Nicknamed the "surgeon" because of the way he "slices up the course" with the same skill of a surgeon, Sport 900 racer Dereck Carlson leads the Points Board with 1570 points, but trailing by only 95 points, the "Thriller on the #95 Yamaha, Dave Cottle Jr of Valley Springs will be knocking on Carlson's door all day long! Nicknamed the "Thriller" because of the explosive thrills he brings to the course, it is anticipated that the "Cottle thriller" will only be going at one speed all day long- REALLY FAST!

Only 65 points behind Cottle is the #3 points holder - Stockton's Rick "Superman" Garcia of the Sprint 1200 class. Garcia holds steady in the #3 slot with 1410 points, but Superman will be eating lots of spinich the night before because knocking on his door, is 4th place points holder - Valley Spring's Chris Cottle of the Sprint 1200 class. Chris has 1285 points racked up, and he has definitely been living up to his nickname ("CFTO") lately with some incredible finishes during the past few races of the series.

"Clear for Take Off" Cottle has been on the move and in the groove in every race, and it's suspected his mission of the day on Saturday will be to rack up as many points as possible - because only a mere 45 points behind him... is fellow Team DC racer - Robert Bird, the Night Rider of the Sport 900 class. There is no doubt what the agenda will be for the Valley Springs "Night Rider" who holds down the 5th slot in the sitdown division with 1240 points, but one thing is for sure -

We don't want you to miss the biggest race of the 2008 14 - race points series!
Add to the mix the heavy hitters of the “Need for Speed Crew” from Southern California coming up north to play, and its safe to predict if you get lost on the way to Six Flags, you’ll be able to see the smoke and flames from the Theme Park Lake from a long ways away! It is definitely going to be HOT at the lake this Saturday.

Discount admission tickets ($21.50) to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom are available online at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom website. Use the promo code "jetski" for the discount entry which covers admission to the park, and the races. Tickets are also available at the Jetski Doctor in Hayward, and East Bay Motorsports in Oakland.

Racing starts at 11am. Two 30 minute freestyle exhibition shows will be performed by the pro team of The Ski Clinic of Antioch during the day. Meet the racers in the grandstands, and take home pics and autographs of your favorite riders of the series finale.

The DJSA series awards presentations will take place at the Courtyard Marriott of Vallejo at 7pm. We cordially invite you to share the day and a special evening with us, and at the same time, you’ll be able to check out the best amateur level PWC racing in the Bay Area… We call them amateurs – but you’ll call them Pros.
4 words for you - Don't forget the camera!!!