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    GP1200R idling rough

    Hi All

    I recently had the throttle cables replaced and carby/throttle body machined on my 2000 model GP1200R to fix sticking throttle. Took it out a week later and it was perfect, the best its ever ran.

    this week i took it out again, in slightly choppier water (whether that makes a difference or not), and it died on me in the ocean after about 5 mins of riding. had to be towed back in.

    We checked it at home, has spark, comp but no fuel. We found a bit of shit in the fuel filter and after pulling it out giving it a clean (we didnt have a replacement at the time) and re-connecting it the fuel started flowing and it eventually started. Only problem now is it sounds like it idles pretty rough.

    I took it out for a quick run today just to give it a test and it goes alright except for a bit of a noisy/rough idle.

    Would a fuel filter replacement and new plugs fix this? or is there other issues here maybe not related to filter?

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    Check for water in the fuel??

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    thanks, its pretty fresh fuel and hasnt been sitting there long. so unless it has built up over time i'm not sure...water seperator was empty if that means anything. what is the best indicator of water in fuel? and would it continue to idle rough or just initially?

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    i must also add i have just spoken with some jet ski service people here in West Aus. From describing my situation, travelling around 60-70kph then stopping dead in the water it sounds like a piston at worst case, or it could be as simple as a shitty spark plug.

    although could it really over-heat/ seize after 5 mins of riding??

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    Were the carbs rebuilt/cleaned when they fixed the throttle sticking?? If there was junk in the fuel filter than you may have junk in the carb screens or jets.

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    in regards to beerdart not sure if they were cleaned when fixing bush/butterfly in carbs, although they said they would have replaced fuel filter if that makes any difference. they are a reputable dealer/workshop so i would hope they cleaned before putting it all back together.

    as mentioned earlier, ive given it a test run and it was running fine but just rough idle. The workshop told me to take it out and give it a run to see if it is going fine.

    it all seemed good for about 30 mins of riding, then again i was going maybe 60-70kph and it just stopped. I tried to start it and it seemed a bit sluggish to turn over, and nothing... about a minute later i managed to get it going and headed back to the harbour ending my day in frustration once again.

    there was a little bit of water around the plugs when we got it home, but eliminated that as the problem by pouring water over the head as it ran and it continued to run at home without a problem.

    It had a full tank of fuel, plenty of oil, tell tales working every time, using a compression guage the 2 outside cylinders have ~120, inside one had 100 (which i know is slightly lower than it should be?) altho the gauge we used is quite old.
    we even changed plugs.

    i really have no idea what is wrong, could it be electrical fault somewhere? my dad suspects fuel pump issues. is there a workshop manual available for repairs of these?

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    Pull the spark plugs and inspect them closely before replacing them all. Rub some soot on them to help show cracks.

    I had a hairline crack in the insulation of one and spent HUGE hours tracking down issues. The problem happens when removing the pipe with the plugs in. They get bumped.

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