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    WTB-250x hood OEM

    I suffered some damage to the front hood on the 250. Iam curious what the prices are for the OEM replacement. I checked out the MACC racing seat and hood but thoose seem a bit out of my budget, 700ish unfinished and 900 finished. The OEM must be cheaper. Thank You in Advance.

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    Call up Chris and see if he has any "take Off" hoods. He uses carbon fiber on his race boat, and sometimes has the extra parts he took off laying around. Maybe Rudy from R-Rated, or even Skip have an extra take off as well. Good luck….

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    Non from me. Well maybe depending on what color?

    Post a Pic of the damage and maybe we can help you part it back together.

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    Okay sorry guys have been a lil bit busy with random stuff,I managed to snap some photos of it. Its not major damage but I like to have nice skis without cracks. It doesn't effect the front storage compartment, as far as being water tight. Iam curious of the price and not in a hurry to buy it since its winter and college gots me strapped for cash this month. I dont mind if its unfinished black or white, but blue is preferred.
    Thanks, Chad

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