F/S my 15-23 VX Solas impeller originally created by Dave at Impros. This was a 18-24 pitch from solas. It was depitched to a 15-21 from Dave, then re-pitched by Jims Performance to a 15-23. This is the impeller i used at mudbug this year. Perfect condition. Will include nosecone and installation tool/socket.
This impeller has went 83.2 @ 7300 on my 87 octane 1390 with an 88.5mm nozzle.
With this pitch you still have awesome midrange power. A well built ported 1300 EFI or carb will spin this very well.
I will help whoever buys it with their setup if they like.
These are 450.00 from Impros. 375.00 shipped USA.