Was driving into work today, and 97.7 was playing Lee Greewood's "Proud to be an American". Funny how a few Lyrics can make you think about so many different things...

One thing I've come to dig at our races, is Vanessa or Melizza singing the National Anthem right before the first heat. I look at team orange on the water with those 2 big flags waving in the wind - and its pretty breath taking.

"wait for it - wait for it...." I know that when they get to "land of the free" Team Ski is going to let out that yell from the heart that can be heard all the way down in Socal.... and it makes me bite my lip everytime...

Thought about my buddies in Iraq, my many friends in the Coast Guard, my buddies in the service, and my friends who have given their lives as police officers fighting domestic wars on our own streets here at home.

To all our Veterens, past - present - and future - and to all those who unselfishly give so others can enjoy our freedom, you make me DAMN PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN and I salute you. God bless the USA.

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