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    Rx hull with 4-tec motor?

    Has anyone tried to put a 4-tec supercharged motor in a seadoo Rx hull?
    my Rxdi does about 58-60mph with 135hp, what would it do with 215hp+?

    I no the seadoo rxx has around 160hp and it does around 65mph.
    Seems to me that with 215hp, the rx hull will easily do 70mph+.
    I would rather keep my ski all seadoo, i could probably change the hood for a rxp hood and have a 70mph+ stock rxp

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    I saw one on ebay for sale. The guy said it would run in the 80's all day long. But that's just what he said. Who knows the real deal.

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    It would be very interesting to see, have you still got the link for the ebay item?
    if my motor is 135hp, you could easily get a rxp motor to 260hp which is double the power, not double the speed but alot faster i imagine...

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