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    Thumbs up VX 110 Deluxe Upgrades

    Hi Everyone,
    I am wondering if it is worth doing any upgrade to my 2008 VX.
    I know it is not a high performance ski in the first place but contary to popular belief i find it real good for wave jumping ( Better than my XLT1200)and is very capable in the sea.
    Has anyone fitted the riva air intake and exhaust and noticed any real difference to performance and/or hook up or do you think you go faster because you are louder.
    When i bought this ski earlier in the year it was a good compramise for money spent to get onto a fourstroke ski and enjoy a bit of reliability and economy. I know my XLT was faster, but i think i have halved my fuel bill running the VX.
    I have read and learned a lot from this forum so thanks guys.

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    there are a few upgrades, i think you get a discount or something to if you mention greenhulk, not really a lot went into upgrades for the vxs as you can imagine. i heard a person the other day say they had all the upgrades you can get for a vx and noticed 5 mph better total on speed. i really dont know much, so maybe someone else will chime in and correct me if im wrong, im going on a single post i read... but i have looked at what is availabe and its a few things only. im not really into upgrades for teh vx as im not sure they would be worth the price for a vx if i get a sho, well that is a different story!!

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    Check out Riva stuff...

    Buy at and get 10% off most stuff by using greenhulk in the coupon section.

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    I'm not for total RIVA pack...

    Buy :

    - RIVA INTAKE (this air filter is better than stock system) for more holeshot

    - RIVA FREE FLOW for more holeshot

    - SEAL KIT : do it yourself ! put epoxy inside stock intake grate !

    Don't buy RIVA sponson, the stock is ok for OFFSHORE (RIVA are better in salom)
    Don't buy RIVA intake grate (or other), you lost more speed in flat water and win a little in choppy water...

    And you have a little flamme arrestor defore water box (on exausht line) to put out...

    I think there mod is the best for the VX...

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    Thanks for the info guys,
    If the air intake and exhaust improve holeshot a bit, this should help the launch when attacking big waves. So i think i may look to doing this.
    I already have an R&D intake grate fitted which does help offshore riding, once again thanks for the input.

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    its bigger balls you need mate! not more power, my old vx got plenty off air

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