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    "Attention Juiceheads"

    Just wanted to see if anyone has off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I am planning on heading to nyc in the am to go to McSorley's Old Ale House. If you want to have an awesome time in a classic irish pub, let me know. im jumping on the train in hamilton somewhere around 8-9am which means i start drinking at 11! hope some people can make it up there. its a great time, they only have mcsorleys light and dark ale, so dont expect to get a miller lite! if youve never had it, canals carries it. good stuff! hopefully my buddy, old man richie, still works there
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    haha 38 views and no replies. my threads suck. anyone gonna be able to make it out? dont wanna head out there myself! round of beers is like $4. 2 mugs for $4! it keeps flowin as long as you keep drinkin.

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    I would like to go but I have this job thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by termite View Post
    I would like to go but I have this job thing to do.

    i hear ya man. no one works all day the day before thanksgiving! it's the best to for a sick day! ill be there from 11am to probably 5pm.

    here the place!

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    what can i say, i like my miller lite

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenn View Post
    what can i say, i like my miller lite
    i love miller lite. but i also love irish ale :P hence my red beard and copper hair color...

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    hmmm I would def be down to do something that night but the city might be a little too far to travel. Its a possibility tho I'll know better closer to taht day

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    i hear mcsorleys is a crazy place....always wanted to try that place out

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    I will have to have a drink in spirit with you guys... I will be in NC.... (That stands for North Carolina... Ok Chris?)

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    mcsorleys is an awesome place. we went there for st pattys day a few years ago. the line was a 2 hour wait at 7am. they were already throwin people out. its crazy, on a saturday night when its packed if you say youre not drinking a round they throw you out. good stuff. ill be in the city around 9.

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