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    sc off engine?? how long is ok

    if i remove my SC from the engine, how long can it stay off??
    is it exposing the oil to the atmosphere?
    will oil leak out?
    i might pull mine this weekend, but i might not put it back on for a few months... ski is in another state, and between powdercoat and rebuild by jerry and dead of winter i am not in a rush to visit the ski till spring...
    btw this is a 2003 gtx SC, i know the newer X SC's have a differrent shaft or something...

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    Lextoy, I would just plug the hole with a shop cloth so nothing can crawl in there during the winter. You might also want to winterize engine if you haven't done that already... Ron

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    Clear packing tape over the hole will allow now holes/crevicesfor bugs to get into. Clean shop wrag and tape.

    I actually have one of the blue rubber covers from the X SC on my throttle body right now. Starting to prep for piston swap, by removing some components.

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