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    I found a difference between stock head bolts and ARP studs

    I was looking at both the arp's and stock head bolts,trying to figure why sometimes the arp don't work, (for whatever reason)

    The difference I found is that the washers in the stock head bolts are significantly wider than the ones with the ARP studs meaning more surface area to clamp down the head. Will this make a difference?

    If so, I am thinking in cutting the stock bolts and using the washers with the arp studs.

    Any thoughts???

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    my thought is washers made from head bolts would stand a good chance of failing. Find some hardened washers the size you feel they need to be would be the best thing.

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    I have not payed attention to the head bolts, but I think possibly that the stock washers are forced on(not sure of proper terminology) in a way that they can't be removed without cutting the bolt. I would hope he is not saying that he is going to macine a washer out of a bolt head.

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