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    Question 951 white vs 951 silver

    I know that there are many threads covering the two, but nothing seems to give the exact answers.
    What are the design and basic differences between the white and silver 951?
    What is interchangeable and what is not?
    If I was going to pick up a 97.5 GSXL that has the white 951, what can be done to make the white as good as the silver?
    Part swaps?
    Do a complete motor swap?

    Would a rebuilt white motor (from SBT for example) have the problems corrected that plagued the white motor?

    I see alot of "run from a white 951" out there, but I don't see what can be done to make it better and more reliable.

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    There were many differences. Something with the castings of the engine, porting, headpipe.

    You'd fare better getting a Rotax reman then going the cheap SBT route. It is a gray 951 with all new Rotax parts, including new sleeves and OEM stock bore pistons.

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    I got a 97.5 GSXL with the white motor and bought it new in Feb 98. Has over 150 hr's on it now and I don't baby it. It's been flipped upside down over fifty times and still no engine problems.

    It has the exhaust flange mod from Seadoo, new gasket, bolts and outside rubber boot. They also had a recall around 99 that replaced the old air box with a new one and rejetted the carbs. The newer air box is suppose to prevent water from getting in the engine.

    I've ran my like that until spring of this year and installed some Prok filters, outerwears and rejetted to 85/165, 2.3, and stock springs with no problems yet.

    Reliable I say yes, At least it not eatting SC washers, intake hose's failing off sucking water

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    just don't do it. the white engine has such a bad rap you would loose money if you ever resale. cases, cylinders and heads to not really interchange between silver and white. the head could, but SD used telescoped studs and flanged nuts on white. the white engine cylinder porting is a little more radical as is the pipe which will bolt on a silver engine for a few extra rpm. the real issue was cooling with the white engine, poor internal cooling fixed with silver casting which also added better cooling at intake. then there is the whole carb issue and no one will know WTF you are talking about if they have never seen 97.5 947 carbs bolted on and plumbed. the entire exhaust leak (diaper / band aid) and air box upgrade didn't show up till after the first silver engines were produced and people started pounding and flooding the 98 xpl's so don't believe the peeps that claim exhaust leak was the problem, it was the combo of port timings, good stock pipe and cooling issues that killed the engines - some white were said to have not enough clearance @ piston to cylinder wall.

    the internals of white & silver swap - pistons, crank counter balance, stator, flywheel/ring gear & mag cup is good for single coil ignitions.

    the external stuff - cases, cylinder & head do not interchange.

    buy the OEM, buy a good silver engine for a peep such as WaterWorx who has a rebuilt engine for sale. used is always a crap shoot.

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    That is some good info ohell.
    So if I was to pick one up at a good deal, I should not bother with the white motor, just do a silver swap into it?
    I would run it till it croaked before changing.
    I was just wondering if there was a way to correct what plagued the white motor and what would interchange.

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    your more then welcome to do whatever you want. a few white 951's running out there. i'd hate to see ya put it in that gtx hull and run around 85 degree TN waters in the summer. if putting in the 99 gtx it will bolt right in, just need to change the mag cup to a dual coil for 99+ engines.
    just keep in mind if you sell ski it would look bad to have a white engine to a buyer that knows, if you paint a white engine silver to hide it your a scam artist, if it blows parting out the good parts will bring 1/4 to 1/2 of what silver parts bring.

    very few peeps i would buy used 951's from with intent of bolting in - a few i would buy rebuilt motors from. most used motors should be rebuilt if you plan on keeping PWC. you could get away with buying a used stock SD 787 or 720, a kawi 750, a yami 701 / 650 and engine would run till the crank seals rotted, not the case with SD 951. the 951 is a big bore twin in stock form and will chunk pistons, skirts, rods, cases....

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    you got me all wrong....
    My post is to look to improve a white motor 951 Doo.
    Looking to pick up a GSXL..
    Was looking at a deal on a '97 model (white), but I prefer a '98 or '99 (silver).
    My GTXL is doing fine although it is in hybernation.

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