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    Angry sparks once and then no spark

    got a 97 gp760 its been running great. all of a sudden today i was riding and it died. I tryed restarting it but it just cranks. when i got back to the dock i checked my fuel as well as changed the spark plugs still nothing. i pulled out a plug to check for spark and when i go to start the ski i get one spark and then nothing it just cranks. any ideas do the wires and coil pack go bad all of a sudden or is there something else i should check let me know thanks.

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    1st make sure you battery is 110% good!
    the stator can be ohmed to test it
    i will try to remember to get the specs from work
    or search on line
    if its out of spec john @ jss can refurb it

    start/stop switches go out and will cause silly problems
    try unplugging the black connectoe with black and white wires
    and the white connector with red and brown wires
    then jump the red to brown on the elect box side of the harness
    at that piont when you connect the 2 wires the motor should spin and fire
    if the ski fires up you will need to connect the black and white wire to kill it
    john can also refurb the switch as well


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