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    Bouyant PFD for Rough Water

    I just had a close call out there and am now looking for a more bouyant pfd. Wearing thick suit with full weather gear it took me some time to surface from being pulled in and down.
    I need something that will pop me up like a cork in rough seas.
    Any help?

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    I am a big fan of NRS Neo and gear. Are the rough water ones proven to be more bouyant?

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    NRS is great gear!

    Here are a of pics showing the Force 6 by Mustang Survival.

    You should look at getting a swiftwater type Lifejacket, they typcially have more flotation capacity and better rigging for chest fittings over a standard type III lifejacket.

    I like the Force 6. I took a hit by 4, 30' waves and in those aerated conditions, this lifejacket proved its worth to me.

    Also, I like a 100mph rated impact design on lifejackets due to our high speeds.

    If you seriously want want, and are willing to pay the extra expense, you can PM me and I'll give you details.

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