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    TOFTSCB'z Enduro - results, comments, pics

    Results from the DJSA
    TOFTSCBZ (This Ones For The So Cal Boyz)
    87 mile Enduro
    Sun, 11/16/08, Oakley Ca
    Lauritzen Yacht Harbor

    1st leg – Antioch bridge to Benicia Bridge and back - 50 miles
    2nd leg – Antioch bridge to Rio Vista Bridge and back – 37 miles
    Both legs combined for overall time.
    Standups ran Rio Leg only.
    5 minutes was subtracted from everyone’s time for the 3 mile slough slow zone.

    SCXP Supersits
    1) S.Friebe, #3, Clovis Ca, Seadoo, 37.33 / 31.30 = 1.09.03SMOKIN HOT!
    2) P.Pham, #99, LA, Ca, Seadoo, 37.45 / 33.28 = 1.11.13 ….. SMOKIN HOT AGAIN!
    3) S.Conner, #7, Reno, Nv, Seadoo, 40.46 / 33.24 = 1.14.20
    4) C.Leu, #411, Fresno Ca, Seadoo, 42.32 / 33.42 = 1.16.14
    5) C.Thomas, #11, Sac Ca, Honda, 45.17 / 35.39 = 1.20.56
    6) J.Stannard, #959, Costa Mesa Ca, Honda, 52.20, 34.47 = 1.27.07
    7) K.Bushong, #98 / 975, La Palma Ca, Kaw / Yam, 1.16.27 / 42.07 = 1.58.34
    L.Pham, #88, Fountain Valley Ca, Seadoo, 38.37 / dnf
    9) M.Saale, #970, Incline Nv, Seadoo, 40.43 / dnf
    10) K.Shaw, #707, Costa Mesa Ca, Seadoo, 52.21 / dnf

    1) S.Schrock, #37, Stockton Ca, Yamaha, 45.15 / 35.32 = 1.20.47
    2) R.Ignacio, #816, Eldorado Hills Ca, Yamaha, 44.12 / 36.41 = 1.20.53
    3) R.Garcia, #8, Stockton Ca, Yamaha, 45.28 / 35.34 = 1.21.02
    4) J.Lo, #X, San Jose Ca, Kawasaki, 55.03 / 55.01 = 1.50.04
    5) A.Chattaway, #20, San Jose Ca, Yamaha, 1.00.26 / 55.20 = 1.55.46
    6) D.Brown, #34, Brentwood Ca, Kawasaki, 1.09.55 / dnf

    STANDUPS Rio Vista Leg
    1) M.Saale, #970, Incline Nv, Kawasaki, 56.19
    2) J.Bonkowski, #88, Sacramento, Kawasaki, 59.10
    3) J.Gardemeyer, #810, Copperopolis, Kawasaki, 1.11.19
    4) R.Haag, #111, Modesto, Kawasaki, 1.11.41

    And some very special thanks to some very special people for making this all work!

    Lauritzen Yacht Harbor Staff
    Nicole Lambert - Scoring
    Chris Lauritzen – Turn and safety boat
    Henri Abbadi – Performance Marine Specialties - pace boat and rescue
    John Bonkowski – Team Orange
    Phil Lago – Team Orange
    Josh Beltram – Team Orange
    Brandt Hansen – Team Orange on the 120 mph rescue boat!
    Capt Phil – Vessel Assist Delta
    “Chef Cliff” LYH staff – those ribs were awesome!
    United States Coast Guard
    Jeremy and Steph for taking Teamski’s place on the safety crew so he could race.
    Karty, Robson, and Rennie for supporting their standup brothers!
    SF Vessel Traffic Service for giving us all the Tanker location updates…
    And 20 of the most talented PWC racers I’ve ever met.

    Each of you ran this race as true professionals and representatives of our sport.
    I know it was a “challenge” to keep it slow in the no wake zone of the second leg, but word got back to me I could be very proud of each and everyone of you… and I am definitely proud of each and everyone of you!

    Friebe made that first 50 mile leg in a smokin 37 minutes followed closely by Paul Pham, Lee Pham, Saale, Conner, Leu, and Thomas. Kevin Shaw blew up shy of the finish line, but teammate Stannard took him under tow and they both scored a finish. Bushong battled a sick ski all the way back, and although he was 30 something minutes behind Friebe, Bushong never gave up and crossed the line for his time…. Key word – never gave up – and that’s what racing is all about!

    The Sprints looked awesome as well, with Mav putting a little spank on in the first leg but the SCHROCKSTER (Whooooo) delivered it with a bow on it in the 2nd run and snagged the overall, but only seconds ahead of the 816 top gun Ignacio. Dean Brown’s ride decided to quit shortly into the 1st leg, but did so within close proximity to the Vessel Assist boat which immediately took him under tow. How lucky was that? The vessel assist boat was making such good time towing Brown’s big Kawi, we even scored Captain Phil with a time! And Chat… Thanks for making my #20 look so good out there!
    We could see the orange and white Yamaha coming up the channel all the way from shore!

    And then there were those “not right” standup guys.
    Those 4 guys were tearing it up, and I heard I missed out on seeing some very cool Nascar style pit stops! Seeing Saale and Bonkowski cross the line at full throttle was hot, and Camo Joe and Haag weren’t too far behind. The only trouble with the stand ups was, I couldn’t tell if they were laughing or crying when they crossed the line!

    Overall? I didn’t know if running an 87 mile enduro the day after our series season finale was such a good idea, but you know what? Seeing Henri’s Offshore pace boat leading all you guys towards the start line was incredible and when I saw Friebe riding that MISSLE up the channel at warp speed? Well that just made my day perfect and I wouldn’t have had it any other way…

    I hope your day was as enjoyable as mine, and I have 6 words for all you superstars….. The pleasure gentlemen, was all mine. See you sooner than you think!


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    nickel and a dime!!!!!!!!

    lets see it!!!!!!

    jim, let us see that new x2 i hear you aqqired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm still in a total state of shock, but that thing is the most beautiful ski I've ever seen! The team effort put into this is overwhelming and I still don't know what to say, but -

    Whatever the ski clinic did to the motor?
    2 words for Karty - "Knock Knock"...
    (I think I might just be knocking on his door a few times cuz that lil ride has some JUICE under the hood!)

    Thanks again to everyone who made this the most special day of my life,,,


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    nickel and a dime!!!!!!!!

    !! wow !!

    nice ski jim congrats but ithink you will have some compition this coming year from the ski doctor boys... thanks for the pics..

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