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    trade my 94sp for your 96xp parts ?

    have a 96 xp 787 that is bone stock. looking for simple bolt ons, pipe(s) carbs, nothing crazy, but i do like the dual pipes i have seen for these skis. looking for what everyone else is looking for, MORE POWER. i have a 94 xp, 99 percent complete, 89 hull papered, 92 ski papered complete ski. all in san diego. looking to trade just about everything i have for bolt ons for my 96 787. i could use an impellar, ride plate, nozzle, grate, tach, intake filters, would like to keep the internals stock though. i still want a reliable ski. anything else you guys think i would like. not too knowledgeable about after market parts for this ski.


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    location would be helpful.

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    san diego. sorry.

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    im in corona ca so kinda close to you ...the psi twin pipes for the 800 suck azz from what ive been told ....i have a set of vortex flame arrestors mint condition also a brand new prop for a stock\limited set up id your interested ...the flame arrestors bolt right on to your stock carbs and the prop comes with prop tool so you can do it yourself just run your stock pipe re jet the carbs add a primer change the prop and nozzles ...heres a link to mine ...doesnt show much tho

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