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    05RXP hole in block

    A friend of mine bought an 05 RXP with 23 hours and a bad motor. He was told that the owner rolled the ski over to remove a rope from the pump and after restarting the motor locked. He was hoping that it would be a simple repair. After he found the hole in the block he has decided to sell it. He is asking $2000. It has been sitting outside for sometime. This sounds like a good deal to me but that motor is expensive! I would like to replace my wifes 01 RXDI with this RXP, but I don't want to spend a fortune on a motor. Any suggestions?

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    $2k for the ski.

    $2300 for an engine:

    $4300 for the whole deal isn't bad.

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    it prob wont be 2300 for a rebuilt AM 4-tec motor... bc with a hole thru the cases his core is no good... or if it is good, which i dont think it is last time i checked (also depends where the hole is) you'll be penalized a charge for a hole in cases.

    i dont think (and kind of hope) they aren't repairing blown up cases

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    sounds like an rxt i fixed the customer sucked up a rope and rolled the ski onto its side and then when restarted bang! the camchain broke turns out someone who assembled the motor left a spare valve retainer laying in the motor and when rolled over it slipped under the cam. ski only had 2 hrs on it!

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    normally, that would be a great deal. with the state of the economy and the jet ski market there are lots of skis around for 5k or less.. making this project seems almost not worthwhile.

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