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    F/S 2005 FXHO $7k or B/O

    2005 FXHO $7k or BO

    The Bad :
    High Hours - I had a few issues with my hour meter. I think it says 240 hours now but could be as high as 350 hours or 240 hours - I honestly do not know. The hour meter would glitch between the numbers 2 and 9 so it would count up from 192 hours by the hour and then hit 199 and reset to 192 or go to 202 or 209 hours. I believe this to have been a connection issue.
    Cosmetic Damage - Ski has all the basic nicks of a 3 year old used ski plus it has a nice nick on the left rear and also ugless mess dead center in the front under the tow eye. I fixed the one up front with marine tex but the job came out like shit. It works but I would recommend potential buyer to have that area redone.
    Speedo is useles because of Riva Plate
    FInger Throttle is a little lose.

    The Good :
    I spend at least an hour after each ride with my ski.
    Everything has always been fluid filmed like crazy.
    Ski has always been flushed.
    Ski is on Full Sythetic and oil has always been changed every 2-3 weeks!
    This ski has always had a 10 minute warm up under an idle load.
    Full Riva RPM Kit installed with exception of sponsons.
    New Solas DF14/20 put in less than 50 hours ago.
    The ski has just about always been used for 3-6 hours at a time and 2-5 days per week.
    HydroTurf Seat Covers with an extra cruiser rear seat with matching HydroTurf seat cover.
    Clear Plexi front storage panel cover with air filter cut out as well as original panel cover.
    OEM Yammi Surlast Cover

    Reason I am selling is to get a FZS.

    This ski is as reliable as they come and also the most fuel efficient ski out! I have done alot of wot and distance runs and the ski just loves it. Always smooth and never even a hiccup. I have always done maintenance on it by the book or better. Motor and valves were checked and the high hour maintenance was done in July by Yamaha dealer. Everything has always been greased including Zerk nipple, both steering linkages, etc. All maintenance has always been done before it needed to. Even when things looked perfect.

    SKI is not yet winterized and potential buyer is welcome to water and compression test.

    I also have a 2007 LoadRite 1200lb rated trailer, chemicals, etc whaever you need.

    Make me any offer!

    Located in Jersey, Exit 69.

    I have full faith that this ski is running 100% perfect. I would have no problem in doing a BarBay to Myrtle Beach Run with it.

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    Also :

    Ski is curtain free and has piss valve. Ski has also been stripped of stock graphics and has some custom decals on.

    Cosmetic Damage noted above only gelcoat and can easily be fixed.


    I would much rather someone here get a great deal than some random on Craiglist.

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