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Thread: 2003 GPR's...?

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    2003 GPR's...?

    Besides the pump tunnel needing to be reinforced, are there any problems that seem to be familiar to the 2003? The one I am looking at has had some "recall" work done to it. Only has 40 hours so I wouldn't think there is anything to worry about. Need the info, thanks.

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    On the 2003 models. There is a recall or TSB for the pump shoe brackets to be replaced as the single inserts can pull through the hull.They were upgraded with inserts that are connected together. That TSB came out in april/may 2003. By that time there were already thousands sold. So, it was up to the dealers to contact the buyers and have the upgrade done. The upgrade is free, no warranty is needed.

    If/when the upgrade was made. They were supposed to put a black dot next to the I.D label on the inside left (drivers side) of the hull. The repair info will also be in yamahas database. Any yamaha dealer can look it up if you give them your Hull I.D number.

    The other recall/TSB is for the 2003 to 2008 1300's and VX models. It is the cable replacement due to sticking throttle cables as a result of corrosion. That repair will be made free of charge to any owner. No warranty is needed.

    Another thing on the 2000-04 1200 & 1300 models are the powervalves dropping and hitting a piston. You can buy the waveeater clips to prevent this. $50-$75

    If it still has the factory cat converter in the exhaust. That will break apart eventually.(mine went at 75 hours on my 03) replace with the riva D-plate and chip. $75 for both

    Always a debate on the stock oil injection vs. premix. I have 295 hours on my 2 1300's with oil injection with no problems. Going premix is just preference and piece of mind at the cost of convenience.

    That's all i can think of.

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    Great info, thanks! I will check all that out when it gets here.

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    Tunnel reinforcement, pump shoe inserts, ride plate inserts, D plate, wave eater set, ditch the stock grate

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