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    How to remove Proks...with no damage.

    Is there a way to get the Proks off without messing them up. I keep feeling like I am going to break them. They fit so snug even without the clamp.

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    use a screw driver and pry off at the flange. pulling on the top will cause it to seperate eventualy

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    Also lightly coat the inner bead with grease. It will install and detach much easier afterward.

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    Thanks for the info guys.

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    while we are on the subject, i have the WSM adapters. are the proks only supposed to go on like 1/4" if even that much? i notice a lip inside the filter that stops the movement of it onto the adapter. and as i tighten the clamp on the filter, it slips off the adapter. i should get a picture of it. i can only tighten it so much before it starts slipping off. held up fine in the smooth canal for a test ride, but i havent really been out with it yet. i would think they could pop off when i land hard from a wave?

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    sounds like a missmatch of proks vs adapters . But I dont know 787 motors anymore. I used different brand than prok on 787's

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