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Thread: Idle problems

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    Idle problems

    I rode my ski on and off all day last saturay only to find it sputtering at idle when i started it to bring it home (The top end was fine though)...I changed the plugs, added the cat temp chip sensor, and changed my EFI from 3-7-1-5 to 3-3-1-6 per Jim at perf PWC. It idles BETTER and doesnt actually cut the ski off anymore, but not like it used to...and i lost my nasty hole shot too. =( HELP ME!!! lol

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    sounds like an air leak.
    Is compression still good.

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    ya thats what i thought too, i'll check the compression, the ski's only got about 33 hours on it, no after market head, i'd hope it wouldnt be a cylinder...i'll get back with u on that

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    try this on your EFI and let me know how it worked for you

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    will do, thanks

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