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Thread: Help High Temp

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    Help High Temp

    Installed Gibson Exhaust
    Installed Riva Intake Grate
    Installed 50lb racing injectors
    Installed Pro SP-IMP-159- 15/19R

    Installed RIVA 'GEN-2' Power Cooler Kit
    Installed Riva pump wedge
    Installed RIVA Pro-Series Sponson
    Installed Steel Wear Ring
    Installed RIVA ECU
    Installed Blow Off Valve
    Installed 160 thermostat

    I went to test this RXP yesterday and I had problem with my pick up
    It's not a cavitation fell like cutting power but just on hard pick up hard acceleration that's my first issue
    My second issue was that at constante high speed warning light with high temp came up but if you release the throtle just litle bit goes away!!

    Anybody have idea about this kind problem??

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    Check youre J-pipe
    There are some small stones in the three holes

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    I don't think the J pipe it's the problem because I touch with my hand and was very cold because the lake was at around 45 degrees I check my temp and the dash it was L Temp 64 Degrees E temp 69 some time 72

    But the Cylinder head was hot

    Running lean cause very high temp??

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    E temp is the Environmental temperature (or air temp), not the engine temperature... Ron

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    What's the engine temp on the dash??

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    Quote Originally Posted by douglasb76 View Post
    What's the engine temp on the dash??
    There is no engine temp on the dash except for the high temp warning.
    Is the IC new? If not it may be plugged up. If it is new I would check the water lines going to and from it to make sure they are not kinked.
    If it is an exhaust temp alarm I would check the coupler that goes from the j-pipe to the gibson and make sure the clamps are not blocking the pisser holes on the bottom of the j-pipe.
    Also you said you added a 160 thermo. Make sure you did not mix up the oil cooler line with the line that goes to the coolant resevoir.
    Hope this helps.

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