Policy on Personal Water CraftsOn August 8, 1998, the National Board of Directors of the Surfrider Foundation ratified the following policy regarding Personal Water Crafts. The goal of this policy, which includes jet skis, wave riders and sea doos, is to reduce the negative impacts to aquatic ecosystems and human life resulting from petrochemical discharge and high noise impacts from marine two-stroke engines and the unsafe use of personal water crafts.
The Surfrider Foundation supports Environmental Protection Agency regulations that would require the use of 4-stroke engines for Personal Water Crafts which reduce petrochemical discharge by up to 97%.
Recognizes that not all waterways are appropriate for boating and use of Personal Water Craft. Sensitive ecological areas warrant Personal Water Craft restrictions and buffers to reduce negative impacts to aquatic ecosystems. Personal Water Craft restrictions and buffers should be implemented to reduce multi-use conflicts.
Supports regulations which require an age limit, educational program, and a licensing system for Personal Water Craft use.


STRATEGIC PLAN The Surfrider Foundation’s Strategic Plan began over 22 years ago with the inception of the Surfrider Foundation itself. Since that day on a Malibu beach, our work has been guided by a strategic vision.

The following Plan carries the Surfrider vision through 2010, and it is the result of a significant amount of public input from literally thousands of people. In preparing this plan, we took the following steps: conducted our largest-ever membership survey; hosted an “EcoSurf Summit” for key CEOs, environmental leaders and activists; and interviewed over 60 “stakeholders,” including Chapter leaders, environmentalists, funders, current and past Board members, our International Affiliates and all of our National staff.

One of the outcomes of those conversations was an almost universal agreement that Surfrider’s Mission Statement continues to resonate with everyone: The protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people. The real opportunity, we learned, is in scaling that mission
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Strategic Plan, completed January 2007.
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