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    No spark on my 951 xp?

    Hey guys im new here, i have been stuffing round with my xp for a while and still cant seem to figure out why i have no spark.

    I have been over earths 1000 times!!! replaced the trigger coil and the coil, yet still no spark i cant work it out any help would be great!


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    check your grounds, and spark plug wires. other than that i dont know. good luck

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    yea i have checked all that and still nothing.

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    Have you checked the grounds in the front electric box ??? They can sometimes deteriorate if water has gotten in.

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    What year is your XP?

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    Low battery voltage, or bad battery could do it.

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    OK first check to be sure the electric box with starter relay and fuses on ignition is ok and not full of water.Also you can cook the cdi if you jumpstart ski.You can even fry cdi and or trigger if you dont ground out the spark plug caps when you have them off either when checking compression or testing for spark.Check your front plug thats on the top of stator coverthey corrode easy.Also there is a small black ground wire that needs to be clean and secure on some models.Give us some more info as to year,type of ski(xp,xp limited,gtx,etc) this will give us lots more to help with>Marvin

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    You might explain how and when the ski stopped running. Were you running on the water when it stopped, or did you buy it not running, etc... Ron

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    thanks guys i have been away over seas for a while so havent been at home with ski. but its a 98 xp limited. i took the motor apart to freshen it up new hot rodz crank etc and flick a fresh coat of paint on it. befor that it was running as normal. so after the rebuild i then put it back together and went to fire it up and nothing but the click of the sloenoid. so i replaced the starter motor then nothing. it got a new coil and new trigger coil too. still no spark. when testing for spark i earthed the plug on the exhaust. other than replacing the mpem im stumped what do you guys think. personally im at the stage where i give up and i put a rxp-x on the trailer instead!!! ya know what i mean.

    cheers nick

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    Hey Nick, so you are getting the double beep when installing the lanyard, then the solenoid only clicks? How do you know if you have no spark, if the engine isn't turning over?

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