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    Question on upgrading to triple outlet FP

    Ok so I have a 94 Sl750 and I need to upgrade to the triple outlet fuel pump. I am going to be purchasing the pump from John Zigler. The question is what have you guys used to block off the second fuel supply nipple on the pto and middle carbs? I want to make sure that they are secure and air tight because once I put the engine back in the hull it wont be easy to get to.

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    I have a 95 sl750 and I put a bolt to block off the little short peice of fuel hose and cranked down the clamp.. I did all this in the ski with out taking anything more off the engine other then the flame arrester aka air cleaner Cya Slick

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    I used a Mikuni plug from a primer kit.
    No, those aren't the final clamps I used on the colored line...I should update the photo.

    I think cinch or fuel injection clamps are the only way to go so that you get a good uniform clamp around the hose.

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