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    Check Engine Warning Light indicator

    05 Yamaha FX HO 160 hp 55 hours

    Rider: 240lbs.

    I was riding around last weekend, doing some doughnuts and just splashing around, probably had the RPMs up pretty high for a while. At the end of a 15 minute ride the check engine warning indicator light came on along with the buzzer.

    I assumed I had just ridden it a little too hard for a little too long. I beached it let it cool down for about 10 minutes, took off the seats, and re-started it. Everything seems to be fine.

    The manual says to take it to a yamaha dealer if this happens...

    Any idea on what caused the light to come on, should I take it in, anyone have a similar occurance to share...?


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    look under ski to see if you sucked up anything to the impeller, also is your oil low, or is your filter (oil) damaged, those come to mind as the easiest things to check and start with.

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    Bull I will check those out thanks for the suggestions.

    Since it is the end of the riding season I will be taking it in soon for the oil change. I will mention it to them as well and see if they have anything to say about the problem.

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