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    Stick Jammed in Impeller

    I have a Virage I 2002. Went out for ride today all of a sudden ski lost all thrust and slowed. When accelerating there was no thrust and large vibration. Managed to idle back to ramp, put ski back on trailer and found a small stick jammed in the impaler. Stick was only about 50mm long and 6mm thick. Removed stick gave ski a quick run and seems fine. Could this have caused any damage as it took 20 mins to idle it back to the ramp. Also noticed there is no intake grate on the ski will need to purchase an intake grate is it worth putting an after market (R&D or Worx) grate on or just a standard grate.
    While riding the ski with the stick jammed in the impaler there must be somewhere in the drive line where the slippage was occuring where would this be ?
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    The last time I was riding,I sucked up some leaves (I assume) and clogged the intake,It reacted exactly as you described.Simply shutting it off allowed the debri to float away,after checking it ,found nothing,restarted and ran fine for the rest of the day.
    If the impeller actually jammed to a stop,you would have no propulsion at all,it would not move.The impeller is direct drive,if it stops,it will cause permanent damage to the coupler at rear of engine.
    Any intake grate is better than none.I like the R&D intakes.

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    +1 on the R&D grates. 650 grate for regular riding, 750SL grate if you often ride in rougher water.

    Anything solid lodged in the impeller or anywhere in the jet pump water flow causes the smooth water flow to be disrupted, and also causes cavitation as RPM increase. This greatly reduces thrust, even though the impeller is still spinning at 'normal' RPM.

    If you still have the same peak RPM and speed as you had before, then the drive line and impeller are probably just fine.

    You might want to check your rubber bonded impeller for signs of slippage, since they sometimes fail even without ingesting anything into the jet pump. One of mine failed at under 100 hours.

    See this thread;
    When a rubber bonded drive shaft coupler goes bad

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    Thanks guys will get a grate on it this week

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