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    I have a quick question I just did a topend on my 99 gp800 and when I hook it up to the hose It seems to get water in the cylinders. I put HI temp sealant on the exhaust. I think it has to be the head or the the gasket that connects the two pipes because It will only fill up the cylinder when it start spitting out the back. What you guys think??


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    Stop. Get the water out of the engine now. If its in the cylinders its in the crankcases and you also run the risk of Hydro locking your engine if you keep running it.

    You have very little time to do this before the crank is trashed.... Take it all part, dry it out , thoroughly, with an airline and then spray WD40 all over the crank, blow that out with an airline, dowse everything in neat 2 stroke oil and then figure out why it fills with water.

    Check gaskets as you are taking them off, look for torn, folded cracked gaskets. Always use new genuine gaskets (coated with a little waterproof grease)

    I presume you are starting the engine before you turn the hose on ???

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    Yes I do have the engine on. I did get all the water out. It just pisses me off!!

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